Metal Material Testing Machine

China Qiantong® Metal Material Testing Machine is used for static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, stripping and other mechanical properties of the mechanical testing machine, suitable for hardware, pipe, profile, wire and cable, waterproof coil, metal wire, metal rope and other materials of all kinds of physical and mechanical performance testing, its use industry range throughout:      Research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, as well as metal, automobile accessory,  wire and cable, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries, for material development, physical testing, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of the production line and other indispensable testing equipment,   tension machine fixture as an important part of the instrument,    Different materials need different fixtures, which is also an important factor of whether the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test results.

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  • Servo Control Universal Material Tensile Tester is mainly used for testing various mechanical properties of products and materials, with different test fixture can detect the tensile strength, yield strength, compression strength, shear strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other data, the structure is servo motor + reducer + ball screw drive, and then with Qiantong® independent research and development of the test software, make the test more simple and convenient at the same time the data is more accurate and stable, Reliable.

  • Electronic Universal Material Lab Testing Equipment is mainly aimed at auto parts, wire, fasteners, alloy materials, aluminum profiles, composite materials and other finished products and semi-finished products to do tensile, shear, compression, stripping and other experiments. Adding different test fixture can test the tensile strength, yield strength, elongation at break, elastic modulus, load assurance, multi-step cycle tensile pressure and other related data, the software is user-friendly and easy to operate, the machine has high accuracy, good stability, long service life. It is your ideal laboratory equipment.

  • Qiantong® Computerized Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine mainly for wire, rivets, nuts, bolts, rubber and other metal materials or non-metallic materials to do tensile, shear, compression, stripping experiments, adding different test fixtures can test the tensile strength of products, yield strength, elongation at break, elastic die, load assurance and other experiments.

  • Qiantong® Electro-Hydraulic Servo Material Universal Testing Machine is an oil cylinder under hydraulic tension machine, mainly testing the tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, bending strength and other functions of metal test bar, casting parts, fasteners, rebar, building materials and other materials, servo control system + electronic operating software + six column structure, can be edited according to customer requirements of different software and formula, in order to achieve accurate test results.

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