Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine
  • Manual Metallographic Specimen MachineManual Metallographic Specimen Machine

Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine

Metallographic inlaying machine, also known as metallographic specimen is a kind of inlaying machine (hereinafter referred to as inlaying machine), which is suitable for pressing thermosetting plastics on small metallographic specimens that are not shaped and not easy to take. After forming, the sample of Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine can be easily polished and polished, and the microstructure can be measured under the metallographic microscope. Metallographic inlay usually refers to the use of thermosetting resin wrapped metal samples, after a certain temperature and pressure, cooling molding process, also known as thermal inlay, this heating molding equipment called metallographic inlay machine or metallographic hot inlay prototype.

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Product Description

In the process of sample preparation for metallographic analysis, the orientation adjustment of the observation surface before grinding and polishing is generally fixed by Mosaic resin. Meanwhile, Mosaic can make the irregular sample into a convenient hand-held shape, so as to facilitate the control of grinding and polishing process. This process of sample orientation fixation and shape normalization is called metallographic sample Mosaic. Later, with the appearance of sample automatic grinding and polishing methods and equipment, metallographic sample Mosaic has become a common method to unify and standardize the shape of all kinds of irregular samples, so that it can be easily applied to automatic grinding and polishing equipment


Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine

1. Standard mold diameter φ30mm (φ22mm/φ45mm)

2. Heater φ22mm and φ30mm power: 450W, φ45mm power: 650W

3. The embedding temperature range is adjustable from 0 to 200℃ 

4. Temperature display set temperature and actual temperature LED display

5. The Mosaic time range is 0 ~ 30min

6. Cooling mode : air

7. Pressure mode manual

8. Power supply AC220V 50HZ

9. The overall size is 310×300×400mm

10.Weight: 31Kg

Product feature and application of the Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine

1. Easy to use, simple operation.

2. Temperature digital display control, automatic heating, automatic heat preservation.

3. Sample preparation timing control, when the timing is complete, there is a prompt to complete the sound and automatically cut off the power supply, electricity is more safe and reliable.

4. There is a pressure indicator light. When the light is on, it indicates that the pressure is reached.

5. With safety protective cover, the sample making mold can be returned to a safe position when taking out the sample making, so as to avoid the mold popping out, which may endanger the safety of life and property.

6. Solid and beautiful appearance.


Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine details

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