Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester
  • Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point TesterPlastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester

Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester

Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester VST definition: The sample is placed in a liquid medium or a heating box, and the temperature of the standard press needle is determined when it is pressed into 1mm of the sample cut from the pipe or pipe fitting under the action of (50+1) N force under the condition of constant temperature rise HDT definition: The standard sample is subjected to a constant three-point bending load in a flat (preferably) or side-standing manner, so that it generates one of the bending stresses specified in the relevant part of GB/T1634, and the temperature is measured when the standard deflection corresponding to the specified bending strain increment is reached under the condition of constant temperature rise.


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Product Description

Product technical specification

Company Profile

Suzhou Qiantong Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the production of various laboratory testing equipment, for factory laboratories and scientific research testing units to provide one-stop complete set of testing equipment and services.

Since its foundation, Qiantong instrument adheres to the standard of quality first and customer first, and constantly develops and innovates in the testing machine industry. On the road of hard development and struggle, it takes technology as the starting point, service as the center, integrity as the purpose and customer demand as the mission. Now we have successfully developed a variety of experimental equipment, such as universal material testing machine, PV multi-channel tensile testing machine, stripping testing machine, plug-in force testing machine, wire and cable testing machine, horizontal tensile testing machine, packaging material testing machine, constant temperature and humidity testing box, image measuring instrument, impact testing machine, melt index instrument, etc., which are widely used in Colleges and universities, auto parts, rubber and plastic, hardware, metal and so on. The repeatability, stability, accuracy and durability of the equipment have been tested for a long time to achieve the ideal effect.

Qiantong instrument will continue to strive to serve the testing industry, become a "household name" brand enterprise in the testing machine industry, and strive to be a benchmark enterprise in the testing machine industry!

QT-300A HDT&Vicat Tester                                    

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Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester specification:

Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester is designed and manufactured according to the latest international and national standards for non-metallic material. It is used to measure HDT and Vicat temperature of plastic, hard rubber, nylon, electrical insulation material, long fiber reinforced composite material and high strength thermosetting laminate material.

Instrument features:

The operation is easy and the control is precision. And the machine is a very intelligent tester. It is commonly used in colleges, scientific research units and products quality supervision and inspection units. It adopts Chinese LED display. The testing results is clear and intuitive. It uses single microcomputer control, PID phase adjustment output with upper limit temperature setting when the testing temperature reaches the upper limit.


Standards number


GB/T 1633

Testing of Vicat(VST)

GB/T 1634.1

Temperature testing of plastic and load deformation(genenral testing method)

GB/T 1634.2

Temperature testing of plastic and load deformation(plastic, hard rubber and long fiber reinforced composite material)

GB/T 1634.3

Temperature testing of plastic and load deformation(high strength thermosetting laminate material)

GB/T 8802

T BV esting of softening temperature of vicat for thermoplastic pipes and fittings

ISO 2507、ISO 75、ISO 306、ASTM  D1525,ASTM D648 and so on.


VST definition:The specimen is placed in liquid or heating cabinet. It tests that about the temperature of standard needle when pressed 1mm into a sample from pipes or fittings under (50+1)N force with isokinetic heating.

HDT definition:The test specimen is loaded in three-point bending in the edgewise direction or horizontally,producing bending strength stated in GB/T1634 relevant part. Under the condition of isokinetic constant temperature, it measures the temperature when it reaches the standard deflection corresponding to specified bending strain increased.

Technical specifications

1、temperature control range: room temperature-300 ℃

2、max temperature deviation: ± 0.5℃

3、temperature heating speed: 50℃/h, 120℃/h

4、temperature measuring point: 1

5、deformation testing range: 0mm-1.1mm

6、max deformation deviation :+0.01mm

7、sample supporting span :64mm,100mm (American standard adjustable size)

8、cooling method: natural cooling above 150℃  

hydrocooling below 150℃ or natural cooling.

upper limit temperature protection

9、number of experiment benches:3

10、instrument size: 810mm*470mm*780mm

11、space requirement: front and back 1m, left and right 0.6m

12、power requirement: 2500VA 220VAC 50HZ

13、medium:methyl silicone oil (customer provided)

14、deformation testing fixture:dial indicator

Instrument configuration

QT-300A HDT&Vicat tester

Main engine

1 set

Power line 

1 piece

Sample holder

3 pieces

Dial indicator

3 pieces

Thermal deformation head

3 pieces

Vicat needle

3 pieces

Electric cabinet 

1 set

Signal line

1 piece

Configuration tool

1 set




12 pieces



3 pieces



3 pieces



6 pieces



3 pieces



3 pieces



6 pieces



3 pieces



3 pieces



6 pieces


60(load rod)

3 pieces

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