Metal Material Testing Machine

China Qiantong® Metal Material Testing Machine is used for static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, stripping and other mechanical properties of the mechanical testing machine, suitable for hardware, pipe, profile, wire and cable, waterproof coil, metal wire, metal rope and other materials of all kinds of physical and mechanical performance testing, its use industry range throughout:      Research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, as well as metal, automobile accessory,  wire and cable, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries, for material development, physical testing, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of the production line and other indispensable testing equipment,   tension machine fixture as an important part of the instrument,    Different materials need different fixtures, which is also an important factor of whether the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test results.

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  • Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine is based on the reference of foreign advanced technology, self-developed suitable for wrench, box wrench, fork wrench, socket, hex wrench, cross wrench, flower wrench, adjustable wrench and pipe pliers, batch head, screwdriver and other hardware tools. The machine is composed of loading system, transmission system, control and detection system, computer measurement and control display system, tooling and so on. It can detect the torque, maximum torque, ultimate torque, torsional strength, torsion Angle and other technical indicators of hardware tools. The software can set the limit torque by itself, and automatically stop the machine when the specified torque is reached. And there are torque-torsion Angle, torque-time, torsion Angle - time test curve.

  • Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer is realized by analyzing the characteristic X-ray wavelength and intensity of the elements emitted by the sample. The elements contained in the sample are determined according to the different characteristic X-ray wavelength of different elements. The content of elements in the sample can be determined by comparing the intensity of the spectral lines of different elements. EDX is usually used in conjunction with an electron microscope, which allows the microcomponent analysis of the sample.

  • Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester Touch Screen is a mechanical and electrical hardness testing instrument. The machine has a novel appearance and adopts microcomputer control. The hardness value is directly displayed by digital. Rockwell Hardness Tester Suitable for the determination of hardness of ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and non-metallic materials.

  • The China Qiantong® High Performance Inverted Metallurgical Microscope adopts a long distance optical system, and is equipped with a long working distance flat field flat field achromatic objective that is common in light and dark fields. The multi-optical system design can support both binocular tube observation and digital camera device observation. Inverted metallographic microscope can be widely used in the study of the microstructure of metals. It can be observed and photographed under bright field, dark field, polarized light and differential interference. After equipped with software, it can also be synchronously measured and analyzed. It can be used for metallographic test and research on metallographic test of metal science and heat treatment, metal physics, steelmaking and casting process in research units, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing factories and higher industrial institutions.

  • Metallographic inlaying machine, also known as metallographic specimen is a kind of inlaying machine (hereinafter referred to as inlaying machine), which is suitable for pressing thermosetting plastics on small metallographic specimens that are not shaped and not easy to take. After forming, the sample of Manual Metallographic Specimen Machine can be easily polished and polished, and the microstructure can be measured under the metallographic microscope. Metallographic inlay usually refers to the use of thermosetting resin wrapped metal samples, after a certain temperature and pressure, cooling molding process, also known as thermal inlay, this heating molding equipment called metallographic inlay machine or metallographic hot inlay prototype.

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