Packing Material Testing Machine

China Qiantong® packing material testing machine specializing in testing all kinds of non-metallic materials tensile force, breaking force, tensile strength, elongation and other mechanical properties of the testing machine. Automatic tensile testing machine is widely used in aerospace, rubber, light industry textile, composite materials, machinery manufacturing, automobile, petrochemical industry, construction engineering, communication and other industries, as well as colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, technical supervision, quality inspection stations and other departments.
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  • China Qiantong® Precision digital thickness gauge measuring instrument used to measure the linear displacement (thickness) of the dial gauge measuring surface fixed on the dial gauge frame relative to the measuring surface of the dial gauge anvil on the dial gauge frame and read by the dial gauge, also known as the thickness gauge.

  • Qiantong® high quality Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester used for testing of high melting-point engineering plastic such as PE, PASU, fluoroplastic and nylon. As well as testing of low melting-point material such as PS, PP ABS resin, POM. It is commonly adapted by college institution, research center, quality inspection organizations, plastic manufacturer and petrol chemical industries.

  • Qiantong® Electronic Tape Press Roller with 3 Sets made in China are mainly used in the test of stripping strength and holding viscosity of adhesive tape, protective film and release film products. At a fixed pressure and speed, the adhesive tape sample is standardized flat, uniform stick to the standard test material.

  • The Qiantong® advanced Constant Temperature and Humidity Tape Retention Tester is specially used for the adhesive tape holding viscosity test in high temperature environment. It simulates the adhesive tape automatically under the specified load in high temperature environment.

  • Qiantong® Room Temperature Tape Adhesive Retention Tester from China factory is suitable for pressure sensitive adhesive tape adhesive products and self-adhesive tape, double sided tape, 3M adhesive tape, transparent adhesive tape, electrical insulation tape, etc. Stick the tape under the experimental board, hang the standard load at the lower end. After a period of time, measure the sliding distance of the tape or the time of the tape to evaluate the persistence of the tape.

  • Qiantong® Table Type Plastic Film Peering Strength Testing Machine from China factory is mainly used to test the mechanical properties of thin film, protective film, adhesive tape and other non-metallic materials with small strength. Adding fixture accessories can test the stretching, stripping, tearing, compression, bending and other functions. The body adopts single-arm structure, small and convenient, does not take up space, is your ideal laboratory equipment.

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