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Qian Tong wish all the candidates a successful start.


        High school students across China are preparing for the national college entrance exam. As this important exam in life, everyone hopes to successfully pass and enter their dream university.

        Qian Tong sends his best wishes to all the students who are preparing for the college entrance examination. At this particular time, we believe that everyone goes through a period of stress and anxiety of varying degrees. But please believe that you have paid countless efforts, paid countless sweat, you are full of wisdom and courage of young people, you will be the best in the examination room to show themselves.

        Remind everyone to maintain good rest and eating habits in the days before the college entrance examination. Don't be overtired and stay relaxed so you can meet the challenge with energy and confidence.

        No matter how the exam results are, we should remember that we should not judge ourselves too much, as long as we keep a positive attitude, study hard and pursue their dreams, everyone will have a different wonderful life.

        Finally, we wish all the students who participated in the college entrance examination a smooth and successful exam and a better future!

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