• China Pipe Drop Weight Impact Tester Machine Suppliers
  •  Electric Blast Constant Temperature Oven Factory
  • China Horizontal Steel Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine


  • Repeatability, stability and durability

  • ISO quality management system certification, EU CE Certification...

  • Lathe, milling machine, CNC and Wire EDM etc.

  • 24 Hours online Service

Suzhou Qiantong Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is a well-known company specializing in the manufacturing and sale of high-end testing machines and laboratory equipment. The main products are universal material testing machine, photovoltaic multi-channel tensile testing machine, peeling testing machine, image measurement instrument and other experimental equipment, widely used in laboratories, auto parts, medical equipment, metal, rubber, Photovoltaic, aerospace, and plastic industries.

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