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Qiantong will take part in the exhibition 2024 HUASUEXPO


        Qian Tong will participate in the upcoming HUASUEXPO in Ningbo from June 13 - 15. As a well-known testing equipment manufacturer in the industry, we will display our latest and most advanced testing equipment and technology at the exhibition, and discuss the development trend and prospect of the industry with relevant industry professionals.

        It is understood that as one of the grand events of China's rubber and plastics industry, the exhibition has attracted many domestic and foreign rubber and plastics enterprises and professional buyers in related industries. As one of the exhibitors, our testing instrument company will focus on showing our universal material testing machine, impact testing machine, MFI and many other latest and best quality testing equipment. We believe that these advanced equipment and technologies will play an important role in improving manufacturing quality, reducing production costs, and expanding market influence.

        The exhibition also provides us with a good exchange opportunity, we will have face-to-face exchanges and discussions with rubber and plastics industry experts, business people and customers from around the world, open up new cooperation opportunities, find new business partners, and strengthen in-depth communication and exchange with customers.

        As a leading enterprise in the testing equipment of rubber and plastics industry, Qiantong will exhibit at the highest level, display the latest and best quality testing equipment, provide customers with quality service and support, and help the sustainable development and progress of the rubber and plastics industry. Stay tuned.

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