Metal Material Testing Machine

We are factory with kinds of testing machines, it is an auxiliary tool with tensile testing  machine. According to change the different fixtures, the machine test various of materials.

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  • Qiantong® Computerized Electronic Universal Tensile Testing Machine mainly for wire, rivets, nuts, bolts, rubber and other metal materials or non-metallic materials to do tensile, shear, compression, stripping experiments, adding different test fixtures can test the tensile strength of products, yield strength, elongation at break, elastic die, load assurance and other experiments.

  • Qiantong® Electro-Hydraulic Servo Material Universal Testing Machine is an oil cylinder under hydraulic tension machine, mainly testing the tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, bending strength and other functions of metal test bar, casting parts, fasteners, rebar, building materials and other materials, servo control system + electronic operating software + six column structure, can be edited according to customer requirements of different software and formula, in order to achieve accurate test results.

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