Electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine 600KN
  • Electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine 600KNElectro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine 600KN

Electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine 600KN

Electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine 600KN is a cylinder under the hydraulic tension machine, mainly testing metal test bar, fasteners, rebar, building materials and other materials tensile strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, bending strength and other functions, servo control system + electronic operating software + six column structure, according to customer needs to edit different software and formulas to achieve stable and accurate test results.


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Product Description

Product technical specification

Company Profile

Suzhou Qiantong Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd is a well-known company specializing in the  manufacturing and sale of  high-end testing machines and laboratory equipment.  

Since its foundation, following the business philosophy of “Quality  First, Customer  First”, and constantly pioneered and innovated in the testing machine industry. Qiantong has always maintained the concept of technology as the starting point, service as the center, integrity as the purpose and customer needs as the mission.

The products that Qiantong sells are:Universal testing machine, Hydraulic universal testing machine, PV-Solar multi-channel tension testing machine, Charpy Impact testing machine, Izod Impact testing machine, Melt flow meter and other test machines.The repeatability, stability and durability of the products have been tested for a long time to achieve better results. Open humanized software and Qiantong's unique PLC programming technology can meet the various needs of customers and make them reach the ideal testing state.

Qiantong will strive to become a “Household name”well-known brand enterprise, and strive to be the benchmark of the testing machine industry!

Model:QT-6060D Electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine

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Product technical parameters:

The machine specification:

Electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine 600KN can play electro-hydraulic servo automatic control, automatic measurement, data acquisition, display and processing of the experiment result into an role. With housing under the conditions of the oil cylinder host as the platform, configuration precision pump and electro-hydraulic servo valve, servo controller and PC to realize the multichannel closed loop control can complete test process of automatic control, automatic measurement functions. It has good professional, the characteristics of high reliability, easy upgrade and other features. And with the development of the tester measurement and control technology and test standard changing constantly enrich the consummation.

Basis structure and main functions

1.Host: It is equipped with cylinder - mounted host frame. The structure greatly reduces the height of host. And it has convenient transportation, installation,stable performance and reliability. The test bed is drive by motor, chain and lead screw drive, which realizes the adjustment of tension space and the test operation is convenient.

2.Test and control system:combine with electro-hydraulic servo oil source, full digital PC servo controller, electro-hydraulic servo valve, pressure sensor, extensometer for measuring specimen deformation, photoelectric encoder for measuring displacement, PC measurement and control card for testing machine, printer, multi-function test software package, electrical control unit and other parts.

3.Standard electro-hydraulic servo oil source:

1)It is designed, manufactured in accordance with standard modular unit with mature technology for load-adaptive oil inlet throttle speed regulation system, specially used for electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine.

2)It is chose by mature technical oil pump - motor,  and has reliable quality, stable performance.

3)The load adaptive throttle speed regulating valve developed and produced by ourselves with unique technology, the system pressure is stable, adaptive constant pressure difference flow regulation, no overflow energy consumption, easy to carry out PID closed-loop control.

4)Pipe system: Pipelines, joints and seals are made of groups with stable performance to ensure reliable sealing of hydraulic system and no oil leakage failure.

4.Electrical control cabinet:

1)All the strong current components of the system are concentrated in the strong current control cabinet, which can effectively separate the strong current unit from the weak current unit of measurement and control, so as to ensure the measurement and control system from interference and long-term stable work.

2)Manual operation button is set on the electric control cabinet, including power switch, emergency stop and start and stop of oil source oil pump, etc..

5.Full digital PC servo control system

1)With PC computer as the main part, the system is fully digital PID regulation, equipped with PC clamping servo amplifier, measurement and control software and data acquisition and processing software, which can realize the closed-loop control of test force, sample deformation, piston displacement and smooth switching of control mode.

2)The system consists of three signal conditioning units (test force unit, cylinder piston displacement unit, specimen deformation unit), control signal generator unit, servo valve drive unit, servo oil source control unit, necessary I/O interface, software system and so on.

3)The closed-loop control loop of the system: the measurement sensor (pressure sensor, displacement sensor, deformation extensometer), servo valve, controller (each signal conditioning unit) and servo amplifier together form several closed-loop control loops to realize the closed-loop control functions of the testing force of the testing machine, the displacement of the cylinder piston, and the deformation of the sample. It has many control modes, such as equal rate test force, equal rate oil cylinder displacement, equal rate strain, etc., and can realize smooth switching of control mode, so that the system has greater flexibility.

6.PC - board servo amplifier for tester

1)It is a pluggable PC card board, which is specially designed for testing machine with advanced computer bus control technology, including program-controlled analog amplifier, A/D conversion, digital data acquisition channel, digital data I/O, etc..

2)The special measurement and control card and PC unit into a single card measurement and control system, can be directly connected with the sensor, measurement and control and data acquisition, and make the complex measurement and control and data acquisition system become simple and reliable.

3)Using computer bus technology, directly into the computer expansion slot, full digital circuit, zero adjustment, gain adjustment and so on are realized by software. It is the latest product unit of testing and control technology development of testing machine.

4)Gain programmable cascade amplifier can get different gain magnification

5)The bridge power supply of the sensor shares the same voltage with the reference voltage of A/D chip, and the whole measurement system attenuates year-on-year, realizing the hardware compensation technology of the bridge power supply.

6)The multi-bit A/D conversion satisfies the sensitivity and resolution requirements of the system, and avoids the software frequency doubling method reducing the characteristics of the system.

7.Multifunctional test software package

1)Operating system Windows98/XP/2000 platform, Chinese operation interface(can upgrade to German version).

2)The computer screen displays the test force, cylinder displacement, loading rate and deformation test data, and draws various test curves such as time-test force/deformation and deformation-test force. Automatic data processing, data processing methods meet the requirements of gb228-2002 standard, such as upper and lower yield points, maximum force points, all kinds of specified non-proportional stress points, all kinds of specified full elongation stress points, etc. At the same time meet the pressure test requirements of the testing machine.

3)Software can simultaneously provides data analysis function to satisfy the data processing of test personnel for test analysis and special test.

4)It has strong graphics operation functions, such as dynamic test curve and digital display function, graphics amplification and interception function, cursor following and display function, etc..

5)VXDs high-speed data acquisition technology is adopted to realize multi-channel high-speed data acquisition.

6)The system has a complete file operation function for the storage of test curve and test data. Meanwhile, experimental data can be stored in ASCII code form, so as to facilitate users to conduct secondary data processing.

7)With single test report output and batch test report output printing function

8.Control system with overload, oversetting, power failure, piston reach the limit position and other protection functions.

9.Hydraulic clamping oil source: independent low noise hydraulic clamping oil source, control the clamping and loosening of the chuck.

Technical specifications:

1.600KN the maximum testing force;

2.The range of testing force: 2%—100%FS;

3.Force indication value: ±1%

4.Max stretching space: 520mm;

5. Max compression space: 420mm;

6.Clamping thickness of flat sample: 0-30;

7.Clamping thickness of round specimen:Φ13-Φ40

8. Maximum spacing of curved support : 400mm;

9.Column spacing: 460mm ;

10. Accuracy of piston displacement indication:±0.5%FS;

11.Resolution of deformation measurement : 0.001mm

12 .Accuracy of deformation measurement:±0.5%;

13.Sensors: oil pressure sensor, photoelectric sensor, extensometer

14、Control mode: electro-hydraulic servo closed-loop control, control mode can be switched smoothly;

15、Display mode: the computer screen displays the measured values of test force, piston displacement and sample deformation, the screen displays the test curve, and the screen is adjusted to zero and calibrated.

16、Host size:about 730mm*570mm*1900mm

17、Control cabinet size:1010mm*650mm*870mm;

18、Console weight: about2000kg ;

19、Oil pump motor power:2.2kW

20. Beam moves motor power:0.37kw

The standard accessories:






Host tester

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Oil cylinder

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Electrical control box

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Electro-hydraulic servo full digital PC controller

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Full digital servo control software

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Controller electrical automation control component

Zhejiang Chint

1 set




1 set




1 set


Electro-hydraulic proportional servo valve


1 set


Oil pump


1 set



Taiwan S.Y.

1 set


Hydraulic control valve


1 set


solenoid valve


1 set







Suzhou Qiantong

3 sets


quality guarantee

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Operating manual

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Factory test report

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Packing list

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


1、 Invoice:proforma invoice;        

2、 Payment method:payment before delivery;

3、 Delivery time:10 working days after receiving the deposit;  

4、 Artificial damage, force majeure, pliers are vulnerable parts, are not within the scope of warranty.


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