Electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine 600kN
  • Electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine 600kNElectro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine 600kN

Electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine 600kN

Electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine 600kN is a horizontal structure, mainly for some long length lifting rigging, wire rope, chain, insulator, cable and other products, can be customized according to customer requirements cylinder stroke and stretching stroke, using imported servo valve + servo control system + electronic operating software, so that the equipment in the test process of zero noise, low vibration and data accuracy.


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Product Description

Product technical specification

Company Profile

Suzhou Qiantong Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is a well-known company specializing in the  manufacturing and sale of high-end testing machines and laboratory equipment.  

Since its foundation, following the business philosophy of“Quality First, Customer First”, and constantly pioneered and innovated in the testing machine industry. Qiantong has always maintained the concept of technology as the starting point, service as the center, integrity as the purpose and customer needs as the mission.

The products that Qiantong sells are:Universal testing machine, Hydraulic universal testing machine, PV-Solar multi-channel tension testing machine, Charpy Impact testing machine, Izod Impact testing machine, Melt flow meter and other test machines.The repeatability, stability and durability of the products have been tested for a long time to achieve better results. Open humanized software and Qiantong's unique PLC programming technology can meet the various needs of customers and make them reach the ideal testing state.

Qiantong will strive to become a “Household name”well-known brand enterprise, and strive to be the benchmark of the testing machine industry!

Model:Electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine 600kN

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Product technical parameters:

1.The machine specification:

The QT-6060WS 600KN electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine adopts the digital high response measurement system based on DSP. The load and strain measurement is not classified in the whole process, and the test resolution is as high as 1 / 200000. Meet the requirements of GB related standards, automatically obtain the results of the parameters specified in the relevant standards.(Fixture or deformation measuring device shall be provided if necessary)

2.Main function

It is used to test tensile, tearing and other experiments of kinds of metal materials, belt, packing tape, rope.


1)Adopts man-machine interaction to analyze and calculate the mechanical properties of testing materials. After finishing the testing, it can automatically calculate the elastic modulus, yield strength and so on. On the basis of automatic analysis, the analysis results can be modified manually to improve the accuracy of the analysis.

2)Curves: parameters:stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time results are displayed and printable.

3)The test curves were amplified locally and compared by superposition of multiple curves.

4)There are two control modes: automatic control and manual control.

5)multiple use:It can be used for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, stripping, tearing and low-cycle tests of metals, non-metals and components.

6)Oil source adopts mute design, environmental protection, humanization, unique differential pressure follow-up system, reduce energy consumption, reduce heat, protect the oil road.

7)The high speed DSP platform, with its high integration, powerful control, data processing capability and high reliability, is incomparable to the testing machine using other processors.

4.Meeting standard

ISO、JIS、STM、DIN、GB and other testing method standard.

5.Technical specifications

Maximum testing force:600KN

Precision level:1

Relative deviate:±1%

Measurement range:1%-100%FS

Speed:0.1-300 mm/min

Rate of loading:0.02%-2% FS /s

Effective distance between guides:400 mm

Stretched maximum space:6 m

Effective stretch stroke:1500 mm


safety device:Metal safety shield

Size of shape(L*W*H)mm:9000×1000×680

Size of oil shape(L*W*H)mm:1100×1000×1200

Power: AC380V 50Hz  3kw

Weight:8000 kg






Testing machine host

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Oil cylinder (output: 60ton)

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Electrical control box (control box, oil tank, pipeline)

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Electro-hydraulic servo full digital PC controller

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


All digital servo control software

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


Control electrical automation control components

Zhejiang CHNT

1 set




1 set




1 set


electro-hydraulic servo valve

Argo-Hytos, Germany

1 set


Control electrical automation control components

Italian MARZOCCHI pump

1 set



Taiwan SY

1 set


Hydraulic control valve (relief valve)

Rexroth, Germany

1 set


 magnetic valve

Taiwan Yuken

1 set



KELI, America

1 set



Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


operating manual

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Factory inspection report

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


quality certificate

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Factory equipment list

Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


1、Invoice: the above quotation includes Proforma invoice;        

2、Payment method: payment before delivery;

3、Delivery time:Shipment within 3 days after payment is received;  

4、Artificial damage, force majeure, pliers are vulnerable parts, are not within the scope of warranty.

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