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  • We are factory with kinds of testing machines including Puncture Fixtures For Universal Testing Machine, it is an auxiliary tool with tensile testing machine. According to change the different fixtures, the machine test various of materials.

  • Spring Compression Test with Tensile Testing Equipment is used to test physical properties of elongation, compression, peeling, tearing bending, 3-point bending, shearing of metallic and non-metallic material and so on. The fixture is important to clamp the material. Attention please: the fixtures need to use with our machines.

  • The extensometer of Electronic Rubber Tensile Extensometer is an instrument to measure the line deformation between two points of components and other objects. It is usually composed of three parts: sensor, amplifier and recorder. The extensometer is a sensor to feel the deformation of the specimen. The strain gauge extensometer is widely used in the market because of its simple principle and convenient installation. There are many kinds of extensometers, which can be roughly divided into mechanical extensometers, optical extensometers and electromagnetic extensometers. The sensitivity of these extensors is generally up to 1 micron. Several representative extensometers are introduced below.

  • Mask Raw Material PP Melt Blown Testing Tester is used for testing of high melting-point engineering plastic such as PE, PASU, fluoroplastic and nylon. As well as testing of low melting-point material such as PS, PP ABS resin, POM. It is commonly adapted by college institution, research center, quality inspection organizations, plastic manufacturer and petrol chemical industries. 

  • Universal Material Tension Strength Test Machine is mainly used to test the physical properties of metal and non-metal material products, such as tensile, compression resistance, stripping, tearing, bending resistance, three-point bending resistance, shear resistance and so on. At the same time, according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and a variety of standards provided by users for testing and data processing. Widely used in auto parts, fasteners, aerospace, wire and cable, rubber, plastic, paper packaging and other industries of material inspection and analysis. It is the testing equipment required by scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, industrial enterprises, technical supervision and commodity inspection arbitration

  • Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine is based on the reference of foreign advanced technology, self-developed suitable for wrench, box wrench, fork wrench, socket, hex wrench, cross wrench, flower wrench, adjustable wrench and pipe pliers, batch head, screwdriver and other hardware tools. The machine is composed of loading system, transmission system, control and detection system, computer measurement and control display system, tooling and so on. It can detect the torque, maximum torque, ultimate torque, torsional strength, torsion Angle and other technical indicators of hardware tools. The software can set the limit torque by itself, and automatically stop the machine when the specified torque is reached. And there are torque-torsion Angle, torque-time, torsion Angle - time test curve.