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  • QT-400A melt flow rate measurer is used for testing of high melting-point engineering plastic such as PE, PASU, fluoroplastic and nylon. As well as testing of low melting-point material such as PS, PP ABS resin, POM. It is commonly adapted by college institution, research center, quality inspection organizations, plastic manufacturer and petrol chemical industries.

  • The Qiantong HDT and Vicat Tester is designed and manufactured according to the latest international and national standards for non-metallic material. It is used to measure HDT and Vicat tester of plastic, hard rubber,nylon, electrical insulation material, long fiber reinforced composite material and high strength thermosetting laminate material.

  • This QT-6201DAW PV solar cell multi-channel tensile testing machine (16 channels) adopts computer control. It has professional test programs for data analysis and processing, combines with high-resolution power acquisition sensor and high precision data processing chip, presents in the customer's intuitive performance curve and customer's requirements of the processed data value to more intuitive and accurate understanding of product performance, so as to improve product quality.

  • Qiantong Automatic Image Measuring Instrument is the best measurement solution for small, thin, soft and spare parts,and it has powerful report output function, high quality, economic and practical;Z-axis is equipped with motor and controller to realize z-axis automatic focusing.

  • QT-6201DAW PV solar cell multi-channel tensile machine (twelve channels) is designed for the solar PV industry. It can install twelve force sensors, with Qiantong high tech intelligent software and can use twelve sensors at the same time. The test data can be displayed on the computer software at the same time with no error and convenient. Space mode can also be adopted. It can save a lot of testing costs and labor costs for users in the solar PV industry .

  • The software of the Automatic Imager Instrument has the function of system error correction. At present, linearity, section compensation, Perpendicularity Error compensation, z-axis straightness error compensation, lens center offset error compensation, glass ruler surface compensation, panel surface compensation and lens distortion compensation can be carried out.