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  • The software of the Automatic Imager Instrument has the function of system error correction. At present, linearity, section compensation, Perpendicularity Error compensation, z-axis straightness error compensation, lens center offset error compensation, glass ruler surface compensation, panel surface compensation and lens distortion compensation can be carried out.

  • Tensile Testing Clamps for Wire is mainly used to test metal materials. When the yield is not obvious, the metal extensometer should be added to collect the yield strength and elastic modulus. It is suitable for all kinds of metal materials with not obvious yield.

  • Through the combination of different ways, Screw and Bolt Testing Fixture can be carried out bolt wedge load test and ordinary tension test, bolt guaranteed minimum tensile load test, nut guaranteed load test. The fixture is clamped to the jaws of the universal testing machine by connecting the pull rod, that is, various tensile tests can be carried out, ordinary hydraulic universal testing machine does not need to add or change other devices.

  • Testing the mechanical properties of materials under bending load is one of the basic methods for testing the mechanical properties of materials. Bending Testing Fixtures with Tensile Testing Machine is mainly used to measure the bending strength of brittle and low plastic materials (such as cast iron, high carbon steel, tool steel, etc.) and can reflect the deflection of plastic indicators. Bending tests can also be used to check the surface quality of materials. The bending test was carried out on the universal material machine. There were two loading modes: three-point bending and four-point bending.

  • EVA Stripping Fixture detection used as a photovoltaic module packaging EVA, mainly put forward the following performance requirements:
    A. Breaking tension strength: the breaking tension strength of EVA after bonding reflects the breaking mechanical strength of EVA after bonding.
    B. Fracture elongation rate: the fracture elongation rate of EVA after bonding reflects the extension property of EVA after bonding.
    C. Peeling strength of photovoltaic material tensile testing machine: reflects the bonding strength of EVA and glass.

  • 180° Peeling Fixtures with Tensile Testing Machine usage: 180° Peeling Fixtures with Tensile Testing Machine is used in the configuration of tension machine, can be applied to textile, tape, adhesive products, plastic film, plastic, composite board and other industries for 90 degree peel strength test.