Electronic Densitometer Solid
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Electronic Densitometer Solid

QT-MDJ-300S Electronic Densitometer Solid is in accordance with ASTM D792, GB/T1033, JIS-K-6268, ISO 2781 standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the machine can accurately and directly show the density of sample.


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Product Description

QT-MDJ-300S Electronic Densitometer Solid Suitable for: Rubber, Plastic, Cable, new materials research lab.

Principle: In accordance with ASTM D792, GB/T 1033, JIS-K-6268, ISO 2781 standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of

Archimedean principle, the machine can accurately and directly show the density of sample. 



1. Byadopting the design of big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by supporting wire’s buoyancy.

2. It has the RS-232 interface, can be connected to PC and printer easily




Measuring range

0.001g - 300g

Testing Sorts

solid, pellet, film, floating

Testing time

About 5 seconds

Density Range

>1, <1both can be tested


0.001 g/cm3


Compensation of water temperature and solution


       Can directly show density and volume

Standard Interface



A:Steel-angle                                                                        B:Special measuring toolfor particles 



1. Read directly the density and volume of any shape >, 1, or less than 1 of solid blocks, particles, or floats.

2. With the function of temperature compensation setting and solution compensation setting, the operation is more humanized and more in line with the field operation requirements.

3. Density measurement platform integrated injection molding, convenient and fast installation, longer use time.

4. Adopting the design of a large anti-corrosion flume, it can reduce the error caused by the buoyancy of the bar line, and it is also convenient to test larger block objects.

5. With upper and lower density functions, it can determine whether the specific gravity of the object to be measured is qualified or not. A buzzer is provided.

6. With rs-232c computer interface, it can easily connect PC and printer.

7. Built-in battery, equipped with wind shield, more suitable for field testing.

8. Select liquid accessories, you can test the density and concentration of the liquid.

Standard accessories

1. density meter    2.density measurement plate   3. water channel  

3. calibration weight       5.anti-floating frame    6. tweezers

7. tennis     8. glass cup    9.power    10.hurricane globe

Testing steps

1. testing steps about the block density is over 1

A. Put the machine on the measurement plate, press ENTER key to remember,

B. Put the sample in the water, press ENTER key to remember, and immediately read the density value.

2. Testing steps about the block density is less than 1

A. Put the anti-floating rack in the hanging basket in the water and press the ZERO key to return to ZERO.

B. Press ENTER to remember the product after it is placed on the measuring table and the weight is stable.

C. Put the product under the anti-floating rack, press ENTER key to remember after stabilization, and immediately read the density value, press MODE to change the volume.

3. testing steps about pellet

A. Put a measuring cup on the measurement plate, put other one in the hanging basket in the water, press Zero key to deduct the weight of 2 PCS.

B. Ensure the display is 0.00g. put the pellet in the measuring cup A, then press Enter to remember the weight of the air.

C. Take out the teat ball B, remove the pellet from measuring cup A to tea ball B carefully.

D. Carefully return the tea ball B and the measuring cup A to the measuring table.

E. At this time, the display value is the weight of pellet in the water, press Enter key to remember the weight of water and get the density.

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