Horizontal Multichannel Battery Tension Tester
  • Horizontal Multichannel Battery Tension TesterHorizontal Multichannel Battery Tension Tester

Horizontal Multichannel Battery Tension Tester

Horizontal Multichannel Battery Tension Tester is designed for the solar PV industry. It can install twelve force sensors, with Qiantong high tech intelligent software and can use twelve sensors at the same time.


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Product Description

Model:QT-6201DAW PV solar cell multi-channel tensile machine (12bb)

product picture:(for reference only)

Product technical parameters:

1.The machine specification:

Horizontal Multichannel Battery Tension Testeris designed for the solar PV industry. It can install twelve force sensors, with Qiantong high tech intelligent software and can use twelve sensors at the same time. The test data can be displayed on the computer software at the same time with no error and convenient.Space mode can also be adopted. It can save a lot of testing costs and labor costs for users in the solar PV industry .

This machine adopts computer control. It has professional test programs for data analysis and processing, combines with high-resolution power acquisition sensor and high precision data processing chip, presents in the customer's intuitive performance curve and customer's requirements of the processed data value to more intuitive and accurate understanding of product performance, so as to improve product quality.

It adapts force, displacement and speed digital three closed-loop control system and Taiwan AC servo motor and control drive system. The tester is equipped with Taiwan high-precision reducer and Taiwan high-precision ball screw drive to achieve the transmission efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio of the best effect.

This testing machine is used for the solar energy industry battery 180 degree peel strength test. Twelve sensors stretch at the same time to test the multi-grid batterynot onlycan save a lot of labor costs, but also a single test station or two stations, data is not affected and ensure accuracy

This machine is a testing instrument specially designed for the welding point stretching of battery,The software features are as follows:

1.The software operation interface design is reasonable, concise and clear; Recipe editing and updating are more user-friendly;

2.The test speed is adjustable between 0.05 and3000mm/min;

3.The machine can be operated by one person. Twelve grid strips can be stretched at the same time, and a single battery can be tested in less than 4 minutes;

4.Test software can generate test data automatically, and print in Word, Excel and PDF format;

5.In the historical query, there are more than 400 query data records according to the query conditions, and there are separate databases to connect with other computers of the company.;

6.The unit of stress can show N.N/mm;

7.The real-time negative value caused by the reverse tension existing in the stripping process will be automatically shielded by the system and will not be displayed;

8.The test results can show the peak, median, maximum, minimum, average, percentage of defect rate and percentage of welding points;

9.Increase the calculation of interval tension mean, and the method of median is optional (integral calculation, point calculation);

10.Excel derives the results and increases the judgment of selective tension effect(OK/NG);

11.Increase the value of the tension interval. Each section takes a large interval with a certain value as the starting point, and extends to both sides with the center of the large interval as the center;

12.The positioning is moved to the value range for median or average value;

13.The software has a separate database that can hold multiple sets of data and view them on different computers.


2.Technical specifications:

1. 5kg the maximum testing force;

2. tester Precision level: greater than 0.5;

3. the range of testing force 0.2%—100%FS;

4. relative force indication deviation ±1% within indication;

5. test force resolution:1 / ± 500000 maximum test force unchanged (resolution);

6. relative deviation of displacement ±0.5% within indication;

7. displacement resolution 0.001mm;

8. the regulation range of force control rate:0.1-5%FS/S;

9. the relative deviation of force control speed: within ±1% of set value;

10. crossbeam speed adjusting range 0.05—3000mm/min;

11. relative deviation of crossbeam speed: 1% within set value;

12. constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement control range 0.5%--100%FS;

13. constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control precision: when set value <10%FS,it is within ±1% of the set value; when set value ≥10%FS, it is within ±0.1% of the set value;

14.the maximum stretch stroke: 380mm;

15.effective testing width:230*230mm;

16. The battery clip clamp is applicable to 1-12bb batteries with various main grids, and can be applied to batteries of various sizes within 230mm * 230mm;

17.console dimension:1000*550*950mm;

18.power:220V  50Hz  0.4kW;

19.console weight: about 140kg.


3.Features of control and data processing system :

1.Control method: fixed speed, fixed displacement, fixed loading, fixed load increasing rate,fixed tension, fixed tension increase rate;

2.Automatically resetting: After the test begins, measuring system automatically reset to zero;

3. Automatic shifting: automatically changes range when load changes to make sure precise collection of data;

4.Automatic saving: testing data and testing condition are automatically stored to avoid data loss caused by forgetting saving;

5.Batch testing: For specimen with same setting, batch test can be performed after setting the test sequence;

6. Display mode: data and curve are presented while testing;

7.Curve display: after testing, it is possible to revisit the curve to analyze. Move your move on the curve to find relative data at each point;

8.Curves parameters:stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time results are displayed and printable;

9.Parameters: force parameters(g.kg.N.lb)  ;

stress parameters(kg/mm2.N/mm2.Mpa.lbf/in2);

Displacement parameters(m.mm.in);

10.Safety protection :  safety mechanism is triggered when overloading is above 2~10%;

11.The tester is able to automatically test and calculate mechanic property of specimen. It is also possible to intervene manually in the analyzing process. Automatic analyzing test results are revised according to relevant standard to improve data accuracy.






standard configuration


force sensor


American KELI

12 sets


Aluminium alloy bench

Aluminium alloy bench

Suzhou Qiantong



Displacement induction system


OMRON Specially customized



power system

0.4kW servo motor


  1 set



Power controller

0.4kW servodiver


1 set



slide way

linear guideway


1 set


drive bearing

Precision roller bearing

Sweden SKF

4 sets



Automatic control module


1 set


safety protection

All imported PC board security door

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


control mainboard

QT621 64 bit full closed loop measurement control board

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


testing software

QT620 twelve workstation English/Chinese simplified/traditional Chinese three in one version

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set


testing fixture

Battery 180° peel test fixture

Suzhou Qiantong

1 set

software operation


Analysis of the computer

Lenovo yangtian business desktop M2601C (8G + 21-inch screen)

China Lenovo

1 set


random file




operating manual


Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Factory inspection report


Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


quality certificate


Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece


Factory equipment list


Suzhou Qiantong

1 piece

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