Precision Digital Thickness Gauge
  • Precision Digital Thickness GaugePrecision Digital Thickness Gauge

Precision Digital Thickness Gauge

China Qiantong® Precision digital thickness gauge measuring instrument used to measure the linear displacement (thickness) of the dial gauge measuring surface fixed on the dial gauge frame relative to the measuring surface of the dial gauge anvil on the dial gauge frame and read by the dial gauge, also known as the thickness gauge.

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Product Description

The following are the precautions for the use of this Qiantong® high quality Precision Digital Thickness Gauge from China. Be sure to read it carefully before using it. This is very helpful and helps you better understand the Precision Digital Thickness Gauge.

1. Open the packing box, match the aluminum thin ring piece in the packing box on the step on the platform below the thickness gauge, and place it horizontally.

2. Before the test, first align the zero position of the table, and dial the joystick to try to return to zero for several times, in the test, the operation should be lightly lifted, so as to avoid damage to the platform, measuring foot and instrument.

3. Press the operating lever with your finger to make the measuring head stand, place the measured object between the workbench and the side foot, gently put the joystick, then the instrument reading, and the thickness of the measured object.

4. After the use of the thickness gauge, load it into the instrument box and place it in a dry place to prevent moisture.

5. The instrument can not be measured horizontally.


Product Parameter of the Qiantong® Precision Digital Thickness Gauge 

1. Measuring range: 0-1mm

2. Grading value: 0.001mm

3. On the test foot diameter: ¢10±0.05mm ¢6±0.05mm


Product feature and application of the Precision Digital Thickness Gauge

Qiantong® Ultrasonic precision digital thickness tester made in China is the use of the latest high performance, low power microprocessor technology, based on the ultrasonic measurement principle, can measure the thickness of metal and other materials, and can measure the sound speed of materials.

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