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Application field of quadratic imaging instrument


Then, what requirements should be met by a quadratic image measuring instrument worth choosing? In other words, what aspects should we consider when choosing a quadratic imaging instrument? Let's take a look

01. Good stability and guaranteed quality:
The quadratic image measuring instrument is used in the field of product measurement and detection, so the quality and stability of the instrument itself are very important. Friends who need a quadratic image measuring instrument can choose a professional image measuring instrument R & D, manufacturers.
Qiantong image measuring instrument base, CCD, light source, motor, grating ruler, guide rail and so on are made of high quality materials, and the equipment adopts exquisite processing technology, and through strict calibration, debugging, can ensure stability, high precision.

02. Simple operation, easy to learn and use:
The ease of use and convenience of the quadratic image measurement instrument is also very important, which is related to whether it can save time cost, human resource cost and avoid human error for the enterprise. In addition to automatic focus, fast edge seeking, automatic grab, automatic measurement, Qiantong quadratic image measuring instrument also has intelligent programming, offline programming, SPC function, profile scanning and other functions, simple operation, easy to learn and use, effectively avoid human error, improve measurement efficiency.
03. Meet the requirements of the measuring range:
Qiantong Instrument independent research and development of professional measurement software interface is simple, intuitive operation, powerful. Common functions of the software are put on the main interface in the form of buttons, and there is a prompt function, easy to get familiar with. When choosing the quadratic image measuring instrument, it is necessary to determine the size of the measurement stroke according to the size range of the measurement product.
If the selected stroke is too small, it can not meet the measurement space requirements; If the choice of travel is too large, the equipment cost is relatively higher, the cost is higher.

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