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Why should testing instruments be calibrated regularly?


1.Reasons for measuring and testing instruments and equipment.

Enterprise measuring instruments belong to a class of instruments, which is a test of product quality. In the daily operation of enterprise instruments, they are all operated manually. After a certain period of use, the instrument will be affected by surrounding factors such as dust, air, movement, humidity, etc., and there will be more or less errors, so it is necessary to set a period Accurate calibration of the instrument will make the instrument and equipment meet the standard during use.

2.The impact of instrumentation and equipment for metrological testing.

According to the instrument report, it can ensure the improvement of the product quality of the enterprise, and at the same time reduce the loss of the enterprise caused by the problem of product quality, so that the enterprise can achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption. Instrument calibration is a more meaningful thing, and it is also responsible for the product. , quality assurance, quality supervision and instrument calibration are related to the development of the enterprise, and the guarantee and improvement of the enterprise's product quality can be guaranteed according to the instrument report.

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