Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine
  • Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing MachineMicrocomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine

Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine

Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine is based on the reference of foreign advanced technology, self-developed suitable for wrench, box wrench, fork wrench, socket, hex wrench, cross wrench, flower wrench, adjustable wrench and pipe pliers, batch head, screwdriver and other hardware tools. The machine is composed of loading system, transmission system, control and detection system, computer measurement and control display system, tooling and so on. It can detect the torque, maximum torque, ultimate torque, torsional strength, torsion Angle and other technical indicators of hardware tools. The software can set the limit torque by itself, and automatically stop the machine when the specified torque is reached. And there are torque-torsion Angle, torque-time, torsion Angle - time test curve.

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Product Description

The horizontal structure, by the transmission part, fixture, chuck seat, body, controller, computer and its software, etc., AC servo motor and reducer drive the fixture to rotate, is the sample torsion test; The chuck seat is fixed together with the high-precision bidirectional torque sensor, which can move along the guide rail. The main structure adopts the frame structure to ensure the rigidity, coaxiality and service life of the whole machine. The installation and disassembly of the sample are convenient and fast.


Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine

1. Maximum torque: 100N.m;

2. Torque accurate measurement range: 0.4% ~ 100%F.S (maximum torque);

3. Relative error of torque value: accuracy of positive and negative direction ≤±1%;

4. Torque repeatability error: positive and negative accuracy ≤±1%;

5. Measuring range of torsion Angle: unlimited;

6 testing machine spindle center height: ≥150mm;

7. Resolution of torsion Angle: 0.1°;

8. Moving distance between collets (distance between two collets) : 0 ~ 400mm continuously adjustable;

9. Test sample: screw/nut;

10. Torsion speed: 3 ~ 720°/min arbitrary setting, stepless speed regulation;

11. Relative error of torsional speed: within ±1% of the set value;

12. With axis diameter within 0.2mm;

13. Power supply voltage: AC220V 50Hz 0.45kw;

14. Overall size: 1650*450*1100mm;

15. Twist direction: positive turn reverse;

Product feature and application of the Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine 

The Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine adopts horizontal structure, computer software control, screen display, full digital data acquisition control system, precision test system, with accurate test data, high precision, uniform loading, stability, no impact phenomenon, long service life.

Microcomputer-Controlled Metal Torsion Testing Machine details

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