Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester
  • Universal Prototype Dumbbell TesterUniversal Prototype Dumbbell Tester

Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester

Qiantong® Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester made by China manufacturers is suitable for making semi-rigid plastic, rigid non-metallic materials, plastic pipes into dumbbell shape, rectangular and other standard samples, the sample blank directly into the corresponding fixture clamping, close to the rotating milling cutter milling molding, chip suction by the vacuum cleaner. Dumbbell type I and II sample clamps in accordance with GB/T 1040 "Test Methods for Tensile Properties of Plastics" are provided, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

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Product Description

China Qiantong® Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester is suitable for the preparation of dumbbell type specimen in non-metallic tensile test, and can prepare dumbbell type specimen of various sizes. Automatic CNC control system, easy to operate, automatic processing, high cutting accuracy, fast speed, the shape of the sample is not limited, as long as provide spline size chart, according to the parameter chart generation program, you can cut various shapes of the sample, such as bar, dumbbell type, round, all kinds of irregular figures, the size of the sample is accurate, And equipped with cutting debris absorption device, conducive to environmental health.


Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester

1. Milling cutter diameter: 28mm;

2. Sample preparation accuracy: ±0.2mm (ISO 527-2 type 2A sample accuracy is ±0.1mm);

3. Working surface size: 450×320mm;

4. Sample thickness: 1-45mm;

5. Power supply voltage: 220V;

6. Frequency: 50HZ;

7. Rated power: 120W;

8. Equipment dimensions: 450×320×550mm;

9. Weight: 60Kg.

Product feature and application of the Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester

China Qiantong® Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester is used for tensile, stripping, tearing test of all kinds of nonmetallic material samples, as well as some special tests of products.

Dumbbell prototype has perfect limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop and other safety protection functions, strong anti-interference ability. The whole control system of dumbbell prototype has high cost performance and high reliability.


Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester details

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