Servo Universal Material Testing Machine
  • Servo Universal Material Testing MachineServo Universal Material Testing Machine
  • Servo Universal Material Testing MachineServo Universal Material Testing Machine

Servo Universal Material Testing Machine

QT-6130S Servo universal material testing machine adopts full digital power, displacement and speed three closed loop control, using AC motor and speed controller, with Taiwan precision worm gear reducer and Taiwan TBI precision screw drive to achieve the transmission efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio of the best effect.

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Product Description

The machine specification:

Servo Universal Material Testing Machine is used to test physical property of elongation, compression, peeling, tearing bending, 3-point bending, shearing of metallic and non-metallic material. It can be customized to meet GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN requirement and the standard provided by client to test and data processing. It is commonly applied in material analysis in Auto-parts, fastener, Aerospace, cable and wire, plastic and rubber, paper packing industries. It is testing equipment which is needed by scientific research institutes, universities, industrial enterprises, technical supervision, inspection and arbitration departments.

Technical specifications:

1. 300KN the maximum testing force;

2. tester Precision level: less than 0.5;

3. the range of testing force 2%—100%FS;

4. relative force indication deviation ±0.5% within indication;

5. test force resolution:1 / ±500000 maximum test force unchanged (resolution);

6. relative deviation of displacement ±0.5% within indication;

7. displacement resolution 0.0005mm;

8. the regulation range of force control rate:0.1-2%FS/S;

9. the relative deviation of force control speed: within ±0.5% of set value;

10. crossbeam speed adjusting range 0.005-200mm/min;

11. relative deviation of crossbeam speed: 0.5% within set value;

12. constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement control range 0.5%--100%FS;

13. constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control precision: when set value <10%FS,it is within ±0.5% of the set value; when set value ≥10%FS, it is within ±0.1% of the set value;

14、 the maximum stretch stroke: 1100mm;

15、 effective stretching space (net space):680mm;

16、 effective testing width:450*450mm

17、 console dimension :1080*620*2250mm;

18、 power:380V 50Hz 4.5kW;

19、 console weight: about 1100kg.

Features of control and data processing system :

1.With advanced chipping technology and professionally designed data gathering and amplifying system,the tester is highly integrated ,reliable and convenient. Control software automatically derives data of tensile strength, yield strength, fracture strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation. The open formula edition function allows automatic calculation of force, tension displacement deformation at any designated point. The standard in the process of control and data processing meet national requirement for testing metallic material and non-metallic material.

2、Control method: fixed speed, fixed displacement, fixed loading, fixed load increasing rate,fixed tension, fixed tension increase rate

3、Automatically resetting: After the test begins, measuring system automatically reset to zero.

4、 Automatic shifting: automatically changes range when load changes to make sure precise collection of data.

5、Automatic saving: testing data and testing condition are automatically stored to avoid data loss caused by forgetting saving.

6、Batch testing: For specimen with same setting, batch test can be performed after setting the test sequence.

7、Display mode: data and curve are presented while testing.

8、Curve display: after testing, it is possible to revisit the curve to analyze. Move your mouse on the curve to find relative data at each point.

9、Curves: parameters: stress-strain, force-displacement, force-time, displacement-time results are displayed and printable.

10、Parameters: force parameters(g、kg、N、lb)

stress parameters(kg/mm2、N/mm2、Mpa、lbf/in2)

Displacement parameters (m、mm、in)

11、Test report: test reports are edited and printed according to the desired format by client and can be output as Excel files

12、Safety protection : safety mechanism is triggered when overloading is above 2~10%.

13、The tester is able to automatically test and calculate mechanic property of specimen. It is also possible to intervene manually in the analyzing process. Automatic analyzing test results are revised according to relevant standard to improve data accuracy.

The standard accessories:

1、load sensor: USA high precision sensor 300kN. 1 piece

2、testing software: 64bit test board + Chinese and English interface. 1 set

3、motor control: Taiwan Delta B2 servo motor + servo driver 1 set

4、deceleration system: GWD precision reducer 1 set

5、drive rod: Taiwan TBI high-precision ball screw. 2 pieces

6、testing computer: lenovo business computer M2601C 4g rom+HP's printer 1 set

7、test fixture:Customize test fixture according to customer sample 1 set

8、attached files: machine instructions, verification data, warranty, certificate and packing list. for each

Standards for this equipment:

1、Tester execution standard: electronic universal tester GB/T 16491-1996, JJG475-2008;

2、General testing standard: GB/T CNS ASTM ISO DIN JIS En;

6、Installing and commissioning:

Information such as foundation drawing, product dimension and weight is provided to client.

7、English Software interface:

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