Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester
  • Hot Rate Meter Flow Index TesterHot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester

Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester

Qiantong® high quality Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester used for testing of high melting-point engineering plastic such as PE, PASU, fluoroplastic and nylon. As well as testing of low melting-point material such as PS, PP ABS resin, POM. It is commonly adapted by college institution, research center, quality inspection organizations, plastic manufacturer and petrol chemical industries.

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Product Description

The measured results of Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester made by China suppliers can be automatically converted into each other, with the function of melt density test, one machine with multiple functions, timing, cutting, result printing automation. The control software can realize the function of parameter setting, constant temperature control, cutting material, measurement and calibration, timing and MFR result display, melt density calculation, test data query and printing at the end of the test. To prevent misoperations, password authentication is required for some important operations. Full color PLC touch screen, bilingual operation interface in Chinese and English. The instrument has compact structure, beautiful appearance and stable control system. Fast heating rate and minimal overshoot; High precision of constant temperature; After packing, it can be quickly restored to the constant temperature state. With upper limit temperature protection and other functions. In the domestic in the absolute leading level, and reach the first-class level of international products. Exported to Europe and the United States and other more than 10 countries, and through the European Union products CE certification.


Product Parameter of the Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester 

1. Temperature control range: 120-400℃, fast warming speed, minimal overshoot

2. Temperature display value error: ≤±0.2℃, high precision of constant temperature

3. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃ 

4. Short recovery time: ≤4min, after packing can quickly restore the constant temperature state

5. The machine touch screen control, intuitive and clear; Simple and convenient

6. Equipped with a printer, can directly print the test results.

7. Measurement method: Quality method (MFR)

8. Instrument size: length 510mm× width 360mm× height 570mm

9. Power supply: single-phase 220V 50Hz 400W

10. Weight: 40 KG

Product feature and application of the Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester

Qiantong® Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester is benchtop structure, reasonable design, stable and reliable performance, beautiful appearance, easy to operate, the use of high performance, high precision control instrument with high sampling accuracy, fast control rate characteristics, the use of fuzzy PID algorithm for constant temperature control. The heating speed is fast, the overshoot is small, the constant temperature precision is high, after the packing, can quickly restore the constant temperature state. Test parameter calibration and correction is convenient, can adopt manual, automatic cutting test method, Chinese liquid crystal display, equipped with a printer, the test results will be automatically printed out, the machine in the domestic advanced level.

Qiantong® Hot Rate Meter Flow Index Tester details

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