Optical Probe Image Measuring Instrument
  • Optical Probe Image Measuring InstrumentOptical Probe Image Measuring Instrument
  • Optical Probe Image Measuring InstrumentOptical Probe Image Measuring Instrument

Optical Probe Image Measuring Instrument

Optical Probe Image Measuring Instrument is the best measurement solution for small, thin, soft and parts, and can accurately measure points, lines, circles, angles and other elements

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Product Description

2.5 dimensional band probe characteristics

1) Including all functions of quadratic element, z-axis grating and optical height measurement;

2) Install probe and complete part of three-dimensional measurement; (optional)

3) Using optical principle, non-contact test measurement;

4) Optical Probe Image Measuring Instrument is applicable to all fields for the purpose of two coordinate measurement;

5) It is the best measurement solution for small, thin, soft and parts;

6) It can accurately measure points, lines, circles, angles and other elements;

7) It has powerful report output function, high quality, economic and practical;

Main features of hardware

1. Precision transmission equipment design to realize rapid movement.

2. High precision marble base, column frame is stable and reliable.

3. Precision P-grade linear guide rail and V-shaped guide rail have extremely high linearity,

4. Ensure the accuracy and service life of the machine.

5. Sony color CCD in Japan has a higher definition measurement picture.

6. Flexible lighting of contour light, surface light and coaxial light (optional), high definition and extremely accurate measurement.

7. Guiyang Xintian precision optical ruler 0.0005mm, every 0.5 microns is very important.

Technical parameters



Stroke (mm)


Shape size(mm)


Working table size (mm)


Weight (kg)


Loading (kg)




XY(3.0 + L / 200)μm Z(3+L/150)um

Grating scale resolution


Guide rail

Taiwan HIWIN P grade


American TEO color industrial HD CCD


rimming light

White LED,Brightness is continuously adjustable

Surface light

White LED,Brightness is continuously adjustable

Optical lens

Manual continuous doubling and electronic card position lens (optional)


Optical magnification: 0.7-4.5 image magnification: 30-225 times


90 mm


manual measurement software


Manual control

work environment

Temperature:20℃±5℃ temperature variation﹤2℃/hr humidity:30-80%

vibration﹤0.002g lower than15Hz


220 V ± 10% ,50 Hz

Reliable grounding for electrical equipment: grounding resistance less than 4 ohms)


CCD (hole) 


Introduction to 2.5D optical height measurement function

Optical measurement height: measure the height of any two planes, non-contact measurement to reduce the deformation factors caused by contact!

Flatness measurement: measure the flatness of multiple points on the same plane at the same time!

Sink angle measurement: the sink angle generated by two circles with different heights can be measured.

Introduction to 3D band probe

1: It has all the functions of 2D optical measuring instrument!

2: This instrument can use optical altimetry, flatness and sink angle!

3: Combined with MCP measuring needle, it can complete a number of functions of CMM!

4: Fast edge tracking system, quickly complete the plane reading work!

5: Combined with CAD, more functions can be realized through this platform!

6: The scanning function of large area plane graphics can be completed quickly

Jpg image mode is called map function in other software!

Introduction of software and function

Element measurement:measurement point, line, circle, angle, oval, specified point measurement rectangle, automatically discern point, line, circle and arcs;

Element structure: center point, intersection point, midpoint point, line point, circle point, angle point;

Element preset:point, line, circle, arcs;

Graphic processing:coordinate transition, workpiece alignment. Any axis alignment, coordinate reset;

Graphic amplification, reduction, translation, print, select, cancel and delete;

Setting modification, reduction. Graphic print circle selected and unchecked and cancel the graphic;

Set the gray scale, saturation, contrast of the image, and save the image in BMP format;

Multiple edge-finding modes, the computer automatically picks up points, automatically identifies circles and arcs, and greatly improves the speed of picking points;

Support S terminal input. The size is 640*480mm;

The measurement data can directly send to AutoCAD, and the graphic can be saved in the DXF document;

The measurement data can be send to WORD, Excel. And it can have statistic analysis and draw the simple Xbar-S control chart so that it can get Ca and other parameters. Besides, there are many kinds of languages can be changed.

Software screenshot

Various measurement functions

Flexible and rich measurement functions

Draw point, point group, line, circle, arc, B-spline, curve, rectangle, polygon, ellipse

Automatic capture of edge points and automatic point measurement

Automatic line measurement, automatic circle measurement, automatic arc measurement, automatic line recognition

Select point group, line, circle, arc and ellipse by frame

Point selection point group, point selection circle

Practical construction function

Two point connecting line, line midpoint, point line distance, point circular tangent, intersection of two lines, angular bisector, line distance, circular line distance

Circle line intersection, circle intersection, circle distance, circle tangent

Multi format output

The measurement results are output in different forms for later use by customers.



Key parts




Image measurer


1 set

Base and column

Shandong Taiqing high precision

1 set

Movement working table

Upper, middle and lower three layers of precision cast iron

1 set

V guide rail

Taiwan HIWIN high presision

3 sets

0.5μm solution


1 set



1 piece

1 times the eyepiece

Guiguang modification:30-225

1 set

0.7-4.5 x continuously variable objective lens


1 set


White LED light source surface light

Brightness is continuously adjustable

1 set

White LED light source profile light

Brightness is continuously adjustable

1 set



SONY 921 line HD

1 set


Measurement software SPC statistics module

South China software market general

1 set

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