High Precision Image Measuring Instrument
  • High Precision Image Measuring InstrumentHigh Precision Image Measuring Instrument
  • High Precision Image Measuring InstrumentHigh Precision Image Measuring Instrument

High Precision Image Measuring Instrument

Qiantong® Automatic High Precision Image Measuring Instrument from the professional manufactueres is also known as two-element, also known as precision image-type mapping instrument, is a qualitative leap on the basis of digital projector, projector upgrade version, it overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional projector, is a set of optical, mechanical, electrical, computer image technology in one of the new high-precision, high-tech measuring instruments.

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Product Description

China Qiantong® durable Automatic imager is a high rate optical magnification image of the measured object by the optical microscope. After the image of the enlarged object is sent to the computer by the CCD camera system, it can efficiently detect the contour and surface shape size, Angle and position of various complex workpieces, especially the microscopic detection and quality control of precision parts. The measurement data can be directly input into AUTOCAD to become a complete engineering drawing. The graphics can generate DXF documents, and can also be input into WORD, EXCEL, SP report for statistical analysis, and can draw a simple Xbar. Mainly used in mobile phone accessories, household appliances, connectors, mechanical accessories, precision pinch smelting tools, computer surrounding industry, precision stamping parts, etc.

Qiantong® High Precision Image Measuring Instrument

1. The type number DL3020DCC

2. Line length (mm) 300*200*200

3. Dimensions (mm) 625*777*1080

4. Worktable size mm 460*360

5. Weight (kg) 280 kg

6. Load (kg) 20 kg

7. The lifting distance of Z axis is 200MM

8. Working distance 90 mm

9. Measurement accuracy UM XY (3 +L/ 200) um Z (5+L/150) um

10. Maximum speed 200

11. Grating ruler resolution 0.5um resolution

12. CCD resolution Industrial grade: Color 900 - line CCD

13. Zoom objective magnification continuous magnification lens 0.7-4.5X

14. Total magnification 30-225 times

15. Object field of view 7-1.1MM

16. Light source surface light, contour light: white LED, continuous adjustable brightness

17. Power source 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz Electrical equipment must be grounded reliably: the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms

18. Operating environment temperature 20℃±5℃ Temperature change <2℃/hour Humidity 30-80% vibration <0.002g lower than 15Hz

Product feature and application of the High Precision Image Measuring Instrument

Collection of precision machinery, measurement and control systems, software algorithms, optical design, probe systems, multi-field cutting-edge technology;

Optical measurement and probe measurement (optional) can be combined in a set of programs. Achieve batch integration of accurate measurement, consistent.


High Precision Image Measuring Instrument details

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