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Melt flow rate meter: control material flow performance of the right-hand assistant


Melt flow rate is a key parameter in the production and development of polymer materials such as plastics and rubber. 

In order to accurately assess the fluidity of materials, we need the help of sophisticated testing instruments. At this point,

the melt flow rate instrument came into play and became a useful tool for materials scientists and engineers.

This instrument adopts international advanced test principles and technologies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

By simulating the high temperature and high pressure environment in actual production, the melt flow rate meter can fully

show the flow characteristics of the material. Whether it is viscosity, flow behavior or thermal stability, all the details are in the scope of testing.

The instrument is not only easy to operate,but also has low maintenance cost, which greatly reduces the operating burden of users. 

More importantly, through the melt flow rate meter, we can better understand the intrinsic properties of the material, so as to optimize the

production process and improve product quality.

The choice of melt flow rate instrument is to choose a reliable partner for material research and industrial production escort. 

Let's usher in a new chapter in materials science and explore the possibilities.