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Time is short, warmth is long


The old year will end, winter brew time.

2023 is about to pass, in this December, there is a very important day for the Chinese people, that is, the winter solstice.

Winter solstice is as big as a year, small reunion on earth. Joy, which cannot speak, leaks the filling before the dumpling.

 The company can't miss this beautiful hot. So on December 22, 2023, the day of the winter solstice, we meet modestly and celebrate this warm winter

solstice together!

Dumplings on the Winter Solstice symbolize reunion and peace. We have a large dumpling making area on the fourth floor of the company, and the employees have started to pick vegetables,

wash vegetables, cut vegetables, mix stuffing, make dumplings, and show their skills. Some of the staff were skilled, some were trying it for the first time,

but everyone enjoyed it. They exchanged their dumpling making skills and shared their results. Laughter, a plate of steaming dumplings out of the pot

In addition, in this cold winter, cooking tea around the stove has a different flavor. We put the cut fruit into a glass pot, add brown sugar and water, the fire simmers slowly, the aroma is overflowing. 

The employees sit around the table, talking quietly and happily about work and life. A cup of hot tea warms the heart and the body, making this winter solstice even warmer.

In this winter solstice reunion moment, we spent an unforgettable time together. Through group building activities such as making dumplings and boiling tea around the stove, we not only released the

pressure of work, but also experienced the power of team cohesion. We share the joy of success, but also share the difficulties and challenges.

This kind of team spirit will be the driving force for us to move forward, so that we will be more courageous in the future days!