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The function of automatic image measuring instrument.


The function of automatic image measuring instrument.

Automatic image measuring instrument, it has manual measurement, CNC scanning measurement, automatic learning measurement three ways, and can be three ways of module superposition for composite measurement. It can scan to generate a bird's eye view image map, realize the full-screen target traction where the point goes. The generated graph of the measurement results is synchronized with the image map shadow. It can click the graph to automatically return to the position and enlarge the full-screen eagle eye. The contrast imaging error of any measured size can be corrected by measuring the standard parts and calibrated, so as to improve the batch measurement accuracy of key data. Automatic image measuring instrument has friendly man-machine interface, support multiple selection and learning correction.

Automatic image measuring instrument. It can solve the problem of appearance size measurement of printed circuit board (PCB), and has 2D precision measurement. It also has the characteristics of high speed and precision, can perform a variety of functions on a single machine, greatly reducing the repeated purchase of machine phone charges and use of empty space waste. SOV series It is a general 3D precision measurement and program editing system. The measurement object can be PCB board, film, or other objects with 2D characteristics. He can measure the center, radius, line width, Angle, distance and intersection of the circle (arc) on the object. Also has batch automatic measurement and program editing function; The system includes basic image processing functions, such as burring, finding the center line, etc. In addition, it also has statistical analysis, automatic focus, automatic detection and other functions. SOV series products its detection software is developed in the Windows environment, has throughout, drawing, image display and other functions, the system is easy to operate and flexible.

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