Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

Automatic Image Measuring Instrument

Qiantong Automatic Image Measuring Instrument is the best measurement solution for small, thin, soft and spare parts,and it has powerful report output function, high quality, economic and practical;Z-axis is equipped with motor and controller to realize z-axis automatic focusing.

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Product Description

Imager characteristics:

Using optical principle, non-contact test measurement;

Qiantong Automatic Image Measuring Instrument is applicable to all fields for the purpose of two coordinate measurement;

It is the best measurement solution for small, thin, soft and spare parts;

It can accurately measure points, lines, circles, angles and other elements;

It has powerful report output function, high quality, economic and practical;

Z-axis is equipped with motor and controller to realize z-axis automatic focusing.

Hardware and main features:

Precision transmission equipment is designed to realize rapid movement.

High precision marble base, column frame is stable and reliable.

Precision P-grade linear guide rail and V-shaped guide rail have high linearity to ensure the accuracy and service life of the machine.

Sony color CCD in Japan has a higher definition measurement picture.

Contour light, surface light and coaxial light (optional) are flexible lighting, high definition and extremely accurate measurement.

Guiyang Xintian precision optical ruler 0.0005mm, every 0.5 microns is very important.

Technical specifications





Overall dimension (mm)


Worktable (mm)


Overall weight (kg)

350 kg

Glass load (kg)

20 kg

Z-axis lifting distance


Working distance

90 mm

Measurement accuracy (um)

XY(2.5 + L / 200)um

Grating ruler resolution

0.5um resolution

CCD resolution

Industrial grade: 900 line HD, color sony1 / 3CCD

Zoom objective magnification

PMS lens 0.7-4.5x

total magnification

30-225 times

Object field of view


light source

Surface light and outline light: white LED, brightness continuously adjustable

Power Supply

220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz electrical equipment requires reliable grounding: the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms

work environment

Temperature 20 ℃± 5 ℃, temperature change < 2 ℃ / HR, humidity 30-80%, vibration < 0.002g, lower than 15Hz


Core components



Main part

Base and column

Shandong Taiqing marble component

1 set

Mobile workbench

Upper, middle and lower three layers of high-precision iron castings

1 set

V-guide XY

High precision Taiwan Shangyin

3 sets

Linear guide Z

Taiwan Shangyin class P

1 set

Grating ruler

Guiyang Xintian photoelectric

3 sets

Optical lens

PMS zoom lens: 30-225x

Group 1


Color sony1 / 3CCD

Group 1

Light source

Surface light

District 8, Third Ring Road

Group 1

Contour light

Continuously adjustable

Group 1



Our research and development

1 set


Correction sheet

Accuracy 0.001-0.002

1 piece



High bearing capacity 500-800kg

1 sheet

1.Assembling computer: Special


Intel dual core 3.2g processor (e6700)

a main board

Gigabyte industrial control motherboard i41mt


2G 1600 memory

Hard disk

Solid state 60g hard disk

Chassis power supply

Great Wall Power Kuteng chassis (with handle)

Key mouse

Golden Hotan suit


Hkc19 inch display


Win 7 32-bit system


With 2 PCI / 2 PCI-E / 1 232 interfaces

High end software: advantages:

1. Excellent software architecture design, first-class software algorithm industry, stable and reliable, supporting languages of various countries, exported overseas and assured of use.

2. Accuracy compensation: the surface is supplemented with three horizontal and three vertical to ensure accuracy to every position. The verticality compensation function of Z axis makes the X, y and Z axis win completely.

3. Strong edge searching algorithm ensures accurate edge searching This edge finding function is unmatched by software in the industry.

4. The manual machine is equipped with programmable software to realize the automatic measurement of the image area. The arrow indicates the next measurement direction. Only move the machine with both hands without editing the software. Reduce artificial fatigue, free your hands and let you experience flying measurement.

5. Strong measurement results show that the tolerance setting, professional and independent SPC statistical analysis software, and strong dominance.

6. Image height measurement function: for the untouchable measurement of the product, the image height can be measured: the accuracy is about 0.02-0.04 It depends on the product. The precision of metal products will be higher.

7. Auto focus: when the Z axis of the control software reaches automatic up and down, the product can be focused automatically.

High end software: introduction to basic functions:

The following software is a concise description. If you need to understand the function description in detail, there are other parameters.

Complete types of measuring elements: 12 elements can be measured directly.

Point, straight line, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, groove, O-ring, distance, angle, open cloud line, closed cloud line.

Measure the perimeter, area and center of gravity of the closed cloud line, and use the cubic interpolation algorithm, which is the most accurate method to measure the cloud line at present.

The more sampling points, the more accurate. Flatness and cone angle can be measured by image.

Super edge searching algorithm ensures the accuracy of edge searching.

On the periphery of the straight line in the figure below, there are many shadow parts, and the imaging edge is not clear. You can also accurately find the edge of the line.

1. Macro measurement function: the macro measurement function is to associate some measurement and construction commands to a button.

2. Automatic discrimination measurement: automatically identify lines, circles and arcs

3. Element construction: element construction is powerful. Element construction provides 10 construction methods:

4. Translate, rotate, extract, combine, parallel, vertical, mirror, symmetric, intersect and tangent to construct geometric elements.

5. Element construction makes it easy for users to deal with some elements that are difficult to measure, so as to improve work efficiency.

6. Rich display results

7. Out of tolerance red warning

8. It can display the optical magnification and screen magnification, and can display how many mm a pixel is equivalent to.

9. Can establish multiple workpiece coordinate system:

10. It is convenient and fast to establish user programs:

11. Edit and modify user programs, intuitive and convenient.

12. Manual measurement can be carried out during automatic measurement of the machine

13. When running the user program, the data can be automatically aligned and imported into excel

14. When running the user program, the data can be automatically imported into professional SPC Software

15. In case of measurement failure or out of tolerance, intelligent processing can be carried out

16. Image altimetry function

It provides precise focusing and fast focusing functions. You can measure the height value through focusing or get the current point coordinates through automatic focusing. You can also set whether auto focus is performed when running the user program The following figure shows the dialog box for setting the focus when running the user program:

17. Auxiliary dimming

18. Annotation function:

19. System error correction:

The software has the function of system error correction. At present, linearity, section compensation, Perpendicularity Error Compensation and z-axis straightness can be carried out

Linearity error compensation, lens center offset error compensation, glass ruler surface compensation, panel surface compensation, lens distortion compensation.

The following figure shows the system error compensation menu.

20. Tolerance

Perfect dimensional tolerance calculation ability. The default tolerance zone can be set to meet the shape and position tolerance calculation ability of the national standard, and can calculate the shape tolerance, true straightness, true roundness and contour of circle and arc. Positional tolerance calculation includes positional degree, parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, concentricity, symmetry and coaxiality. The out of tolerance can automatically alarm and give a red warning. On the dimension tolerance setting page, users may set which dimension tolerances of elements need to be evaluated.

The following figure shows the dimensional tolerance input dialog of a circle

21. DXF file import programming (also known as offline programming, common map comparison in manual software) after importing DXF file, the software will prompt the user to operate step by step. When the workpiece coordinate system is established, the DXF file 13 import generation user program is completed. The software will automatically generate the nominal value of the element. When the user program is run, a DXF file will be generated and compared with the image map. After importing DXF file, it is required to establish datum coordinate system: the following figure is the dialog box for establishing datum coordinate system

22. Language conversion:

It can directly convert the language without installing the language package, and easily change the software to the language of other countries without changing the software.

This function is very convenient to localize the software and promote the equipment to foreign markets.

23. Online SPC Software (complimentary)

Provide independent and professional SPC Software for subsequent processing of measurement data, and the measurement software is seamlessly connected with SPC Software.

24. Help system: provide a complete help system. Help users who are not familiar with the software to master the software quickly.

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