Automatic Image Measuring Machine Device

Automatic Image Measuring Machine Device

Automatic Image Measuring Machine Device Bring together precision machinery, measurement and control system, software algorithm, optical design, probe system and cutting-edge technology in many fields

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Product Description

Automatic Image Measuring Machine Device features:

Bring together precision machinery, measurement and control system, software algorithm, optical design, probe system and cutting-edge technology in many fields;

Optical measurement and probe measurement (optional) can be mixed in a group of programming at the same time.

Achieve batch integration and accurate measurement, lasting as one.

Precision machinery, main features:

Marble base and column ensure high stability.

Precision V-shaped guide rail and grinding grade ball screw,

Equipped with high-performance servo motor full closed-loop control, high stability, high precision and fast speed.

High resolution 900 line color camera ensures high quality measurement picture

Auto focus, continuous zoom lens, automatic zoom lens (optional), changing the magnification does not need to re select the scale

High precision optical ruler 0.001mm.

Electric control system, main features:

S-curve motion control is used to realize fast, accurate and stable positioning performance.

Monitor the machine position and lens state of the imager in real time, obtain the accurate three-axis coordinate value of the workpiece through the best theoretical position and magnification, and output professional measurement data in real time.

The combination of drive and motion control realizes the high-precision, high-speed, multiple sensing tests and integration of the imager.

The special control system of CNC automata can meet the needs of various models.

Optical design:The five ring and eight zone LED surface cold light source and straight axis contour cold light source can be programmed to make the adaptability of the light source to the measurement requirements more powerful.

Technical parameters:



Stroke (mm)


Overall dimension (mm)


Table size mm


Weight (kg)

280 kg

Bearing capacity (kg)

20 kg

Z-axis lifting distance


Working distance

90 mm

Um measurement accuracy

XY(2.5 + L / 200)um

Maximum speed


Grating ruler resolution

1um resolution

CCD resolution

Industrial grade: 900 line HD, color SONY 1 / 3CCD

Zoom objective magnification


total magnification

30-225 times

Object field of view


light source

Surface light and outline light: white LED, brightness continuously adjustable

Power Supply

220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz electrical equipment requires reliable grounding: the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms

work environment

Temperature 20 ℃± 5 ℃, temperature change < 2 ℃ / HR, humidity 30-80%, vibration < 0.002g, lower than 15Hz

Assembling computer: special for automatic machine:


Core components




Base and column

Shandong Taiqing marble component


Mobile workbench

Upper, middle and lower three layers of high-precision iron castings


V-guide XYZ

Anti dislocation high precision


Screw rod

High precision grinding screw rod



Grating ruler

Guiyang Xintian photoelectric


Optical lens

American pumice magnification: 30-225



Color sony1 / 3CCD


light source

Surface light

Fifth ring and eighth District


Contour light

Continuously adjustable




Transmission stability



Accurate positioning


electric machinery

Si Fu motor 120W high horsepower




Our research and development



Correction sheet

Accuracy 0.001-0.002




High bearing capacity 500-800kg



Intel dual core g1840

a main board

Gigabyte h81m-s2ph


Kingston 4G 1600 model

Hard disk

Solid state drive: Kingston 120g

Chassis power supply

Jinheitian mobile phone case + Great Wall 300

Key mouse

Lisheng keyboard and mouse


Philips 20




With 2 PCI, 2 PCI-E, 2 232

Software introduction:

INSPEC:Software is a professional two - and three-dimensional measurement software carefully developed by software developers combined with more than ten years of experience in measurement industry and software The design principle of the software is: simple operation, powerful function, stable and reliable, and convenient maintenance. It mainly draws lessons from foreign well-known software and combines the domestic situation to draw on the strengths of others and optimize the combination. Carefully developed.

The software interface is as follows:

Introduction to software advantages:

1. Excellent software architecture design, first-class software algorithm industry, stable and reliable, supporting languages of various countries, exported overseas and assured of use.

2. Accuracy compensation: the surface is supplemented with three horizontal and three vertical to ensure accuracy to every position. The verticality compensation function of Z axis makes the X, y and Z axis win completely.

3. Strong edge searching algorithm ensures accurate edge searching This edge finding function is unmatched by software in the industry.

4. The automatic machine is equipped with software to realize batch measurement, reduce artificial fatigue, free your hands and let you experience flying measurement.

5. Strong measurement results show that the tolerance setting, professional and independent SPC statistical analysis software, and strong dominance.

6. Auto focus and image height measurement function. X Y Z handle and software control, image measurement height, programmable.

Introduction to basic functions of the software:

Complete types of measuring elements: it can directly measure 12 elements: point, straight line, circle, arc, ellipse, rectangle, groove, ○ ring, distance, angle, open cloud line and closed cloud line.

It can measure the perimeter, area and center of gravity of closed cloud lines, and uses cubic interpolation algorithm, which is the most accurate method to measure cloud lines at present.

The more sampling points, the more accurate. Flatness and cone angle can be measured by image.

Super edge searching algorithm ensures the accuracy of edge searching.

On the periphery of the straight line in the figure below, there are many shadow parts, and the imaging edge is not clear. You can also accurately find the edge of the line.

1. Macro measurement function: the macro measurement function is to associate some measurement and construction commands to a button.

2. Automatic discrimination measurement: automatically identify lines, circles and arcs;

3. Element construction: element construction is powerful. Element construction provides 10 construction methods:

4. Translate, rotate, extract, combine, parallel, vertical, mirror, symmetric, intersect and tangent to construct geometric elements.

5. Element construction makes it easy for users to deal with some elements that are difficult to measure, so as to improve work efficiency.

6. Rich display results

7. Out of tolerance red warning

8. It can display the optical magnification and screen magnification, and can display how many mm a pixel is equivalent to.

9. Can establish multiple workpiece coordinate system:

10. It is convenient and fast to establish user programs:

11. Edit and modify user programs, intuitive and convenient.

12. Manual measurement can be carried out during automatic measurement of the machine.

13. When the user imports the data into the EXCEL program, the data can be automatically aligned.

14. When running the user program, the data can be automatically imported into professional SPC Software.

15. In case of measurement failure or out of tolerance, intelligent processing can be carried out.

16. Auto focus and image height measurement function;

It provides precise focusing and fast focusing functions. You can measure the height value through focusing or get the current point coordinates through automatic focusing. You can also set whether auto focus is performed when running the user program. The following figure shows the dialog box for setting the focus when running the user program:

17. Auxiliary dimming;

18. Marking function;

19. Systematic error correction;

The software has the function of system error correction. At present, linearity, section compensation, Perpendicularity Error compensation, z-axis straightness error compensation, lens center offset error compensation, glass ruler surface compensation, panel surface compensation and lens distortion compensation can be carried out.

20. Powerful plane compensation function;

For users who require particularly high accuracy, this function can compensate all bench marks in the plane of the workbench. The accuracy of any position in the XY plane after compensation can reach 0.002mm. For machines with large stroke (it means that the machine stroke completely exceeds the size of the plane compensation tool), the software can carry out and plane splicing compensation, so that machines with large stroke can also achieve very high measurement accuracy

21. Automatic zoom function;

It supports a variety of zoom lenses. At present, it supports navitar automatic zoom lens, 12 level zoom, and automatically compensates the offset of the lens center after zoom.

22. Tolerance;

Perfect dimensional tolerance calculation ability. The default tolerance zone can be set to meet the shape and position tolerance calculation ability of the national standard, and can calculate the shape tolerance, true straightness, true roundness and contour of circle and arc. Positional tolerance calculation includes positional degree, parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, concentricity, symmetry and coaxiality. The out of tolerance can automatically alarm and give a red warning. On the dimension tolerance setting page, users may set which dimension tolerances of elements need to be evaluated.

23. DXF file import programming (also known as offline programming, common map comparison of manual software);

24. Scanning function;

25. The points on the edge of the workpiece can be scanned in multiple areas. This scanning is to scan all the points on the inner edge of the image window to form point data, and save the scanned points into DXF file,

26. Large map function, and can be marked on the map;

The workpiece can be divided into multiple areas for photographing to form a large map and can be marked on the map.

27. Navigation map function: as long as the user clicks the middle mouse button at a certain position of the picture, the machine will automatically move to that position.

28. Measure multiple identical workpieces at one time (array measurement);

Multiple identical workpieces are provided to be placed on the worktable, and all workpieces can be measured at one time, which is array measurement.

29. Contour tracking;

Contour scanning: only the specified workpiece contour is scanned. As long as the scanning start point, scanning direction and scanning end point are given, the software will automatically complete the contour scanning. Both open and closed contours can be scanned.

30. Language conversion;

It can directly convert the language without installing the language package, and easily change the software to the language of other countries without changing the software. This function is very convenient to localize the software and promote the equipment to foreign markets.

31. Online SPC Software (free);

Provide independent and professional SPC Software for subsequent processing of measurement data, and the measurement software is seamlessly connected with SPC Software.

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