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Qiantong® Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is a well-known Testing Machine manufacturer and supplier in China .For factory laboratories and scientific research testing units to provide one-stop complete set of testing equipment and services.Our tester structure is simple and generous, functional, affordable, good quality.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China. Testing machine is in a variety of conditions, under the environment to determine the metal materials, non-metallic materials, physical properties of mechanical parts, engineering structures such as mechanical properties, process performance, internal defects and check the dynamic unbalance of rotating parts of the precision test instrument.
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  • plastic material HDT heat deflection Vicat softening VST point temperature tester is a non-metallic material test instrument designed and manufactured according to the latest international standards and national standards, mainly used for plastic, hard rubber, nylon, electrical insulation materials, long fiber reinforced composite materials, high strength thermoset laminate materials and other non-metallic materials thermal deformation temperature and Vica softening point temperature measurement

  • Plastics HDT Heat Deflection Vicat Softening Point Tester VST definition: The sample is placed in a liquid medium or a heating box, and the temperature of the standard press needle is determined when it is pressed into 1mm of the sample cut from the pipe or pipe fitting under the action of (50+1) N force under the condition of constant temperature rise HDT definition: The standard sample is subjected to a constant three-point bending load in a flat (preferably) or side-standing manner, so that it generates one of the bending stresses specified in the relevant part of GB/T1634, and the temperature is measured when the standard deflection corresponding to the specified bending strain increment is reached under the condition of constant temperature rise.

  • Digital CHARPY Pendulum Impact Test Machine For Plastic is mainly used for the determination of impact toughness of hard plastics, reinforced nylon, fiberglass, ceramics, cast stone, electric insulation materials and other non-metallic materials. The testing machine is an ideal test equipment for chemical industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, quality testing departments, professional manufacturers laboratories and other units.

  • plastic pendulum impact tester is easy to operate, high test accuracy, with a full touch screen control system can directly input the spline size, after the test directly display the impact strength (including US standard data and national standard data), is a common equipment for scientific research units, colleges and universities, non-metallic material manufacturers for quality inspection.

  • insertion withdrawal test insertion and extraction force life testing machine is suitable for all kinds of connectors, terminals insertion force and withdrawal force test, with Qiantong professional design of automatic core device, can measure completely accurate insertion and withdrawal force test, using Qiantong special insertion and withdrawal force software, can display the operation interface in Chinese and English, easy to operate, and all data can be stored.

  • Servo carton compression testing machine 10KN is used to test the compressive strength and static pressure strength of cartons, corrugated boxes and other outer packing boxes, servo motor + ball screw control, with Qiantong professional software, so that the static pressure can achieve stable and long-term pressure after the accurate data.

Testing Machine made in China is one kind of products from Qiantong factory. As the one of leading Testing Machine manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide customized products. We can sell them at a low price or give you some discounts. We have our own brands. We have in stock items and discount can be discussed. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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