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2023 Qian Tong year-end celebration


Recently, Qiantong Instrument held a grand year-end ceremony to recognize the outstanding employees in the past year, enhance team cohesion, and celebrate this special moment together.

On the day of the event, colleagues from the business department and the factory Department came to the hotel early to arrange the scene. The colorful balloons and shining star lights were warm and festive,full of a strong festive atmosphere. At the signing place, everyone rushed to take photos and record this beautiful moment.

Mr. Wu of the Sales Department made a speech first, analyzed the current situation of the manufacturing industry,conducted a profound analysis of modern human nature, and, as a guide, focused on the direction of Qiantong's future development. General Wu's speech was only ten minutes long, but every sentence was full of profound meaning, and everyone benefited a lot. Then Wu and Jiang also gave a speech on stage to send New Year wishes to everyone!

Without hardship, the harvest would not be so beautiful; Without falling, success would not be so wonderful. Many tests in the long journey, honed our indomitable character,under the correct leadership of the company's leaders, modest people to overcome difficulties, hard work, emerged a lot of advanced individuals, they are diligent, strive for the top, with love and efforts to help the company!

Of course, the most important part of the annual meeting is the wonderful festival prepared by colleagues! The choreographed and performed dances, skits, singing and other programs took turns, detonating the atmosphere of the scene. Everyone watched with relish, from time to time bursts of applause and cheers. These shows fully showcase the talents and creativity of employees, adding many happy elements to the year-end celebration!

The game lottery brings the year-end celebration to a climax. Everyone actively participated in a variety of games and lottery activities, the scene atmosphere is warm,laughter and continuous. Through games and sweepstakes, everyone not only relaxed, but also harvested unexpected surprises and blessings!

This year-end celebration is not only a summary and commendation of the past year's work, but also an expectation and outlook for future development. I hope that through this activity, I can inspire all employees to continue to work hard and jointly create a better tomorrow!

At the same time, we also sincerely thank every employee's support and participation, let us work together to create a better tomorrow! 2024 Qiantong Instrument year-end celebration,see you again!