Company News

November, a month of active participation in the exhibition


This month, our company activelyparticipated in two more important exhibitions, namely Yuyao Plastic Exhibition and Shanghai Elegant Packaging exhibition.

In Yuyao Plastics Exhibition, we brought testing equipment for the plastics industry can be used, such as table type servo universal material testing machine, cantilever beam impact testing machine, melt flow rate meter, plastic ash determination Muffle furnace and so on. At this exhibition, we exchanged with customers and peers from all over the world and gained a lot.

At the Shanghai Art Exhibition, our related equipment such as automatic image measuring instrument, constant temperature and humidity box, electric and constant temperature blast drying box, constant temperature tape retention tester also attracted the attention of many visitors and customers. Through these exhibitions, we not only expand the company's visibility and influence, but also lay a solid foundation for future business expansion.

We will continue to work hard to continuously improve the quality of products and services, meet the needs of the market, and provide customers with better products and services!