EVA Stripping Fixture
  • EVA Stripping FixtureEVA Stripping Fixture

EVA Stripping Fixture

EVA Stripping Fixture detection used as a photovoltaic module packaging EVA, mainly put forward the following performance requirements:
A. Breaking tension strength: the breaking tension strength of EVA after bonding reflects the breaking mechanical strength of EVA after bonding.
B. Fracture elongation rate: the fracture elongation rate of EVA after bonding reflects the extension property of EVA after bonding.
C. Peeling strength of photovoltaic material tensile testing machine: reflects the bonding strength of EVA and glass.

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Product Description

Stripping force tension machine is used to test adhesive, adhesive tape, adhesive, medical patch, protective film, release paper, composite film, artificial leather, woven bag, film, paper and other related products stripping, shearing, breaking and other performance stripping force tester


EVA Stripping Fixture details

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