Electronic Rubber Tensile Extensometer
  • Electronic Rubber Tensile ExtensometerElectronic Rubber Tensile Extensometer

Electronic Rubber Tensile Extensometer

The extensometer of Electronic Rubber Tensile Extensometer is an instrument to measure the line deformation between two points of components and other objects. It is usually composed of three parts: sensor, amplifier and recorder. The extensometer is a sensor to feel the deformation of the specimen. The strain gauge extensometer is widely used in the market because of its simple principle and convenient installation. There are many kinds of extensometers, which can be roughly divided into mechanical extensometers, optical extensometers and electromagnetic extensometers. The sensitivity of these extensors is generally up to 1 micron. Several representative extensometers are introduced below.

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Product Description

The melt flow rate meter is not only suitable for high melting temperature of polyethylene, polysulfone, fluorine plastics, nylon and other engineering plastics, but also suitable for polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene ABS resin, polyformaldehyde resin and other plastics melting temperature is low. It is especially suitable for colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, quality inspection institutions, plastic production enterprises, plastic products and petrochemical industry.

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