Rubber and Plastic Material Testing Machine

China Qiantong® Rubber and Plastic Material Testing Machine is used for static load, tensile, compression, bending, shearing, stripping and other mechanical properties of the mechanical testing machine, suitable for plastic sheet, pipe, profile, plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coil, metal wire, metal rope and other materials of all kinds of physical and mechanical performance testing, its use industry range throughout: Research institutes, commodity inspection and arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, as well as rubber, tire, plastic, wire and cable, shoe, leather, textile, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries, for material development, physical testing, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of the production line and other indispensable testing equipment, tension machine fixture as an important part of the instrument, Different materials need different fixtures, which is also an important factor of whether the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test results.
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  • Qiantong® high quality Pneumatic Plate Sheet Mechanical Punching Equipment is used for cutting the standard rubber specimen and similar materials before the tensile test. It can automatically prepare samples. The general desktop design is dedicated to the production of various samples of the tensile testing machine. This machine is mainly composed of cylinder, stamping seat, reducing valve, fixing screw and other parts. This machine is mainly composed of cylinder, stamping seat, reducing valve, fixing screw and other parts.

  • Qiantong® Universal Prototype Dumbbell Tester made by China manufacturers is suitable for making semi-rigid plastic, rigid non-metallic materials, plastic pipes into dumbbell shape, rectangular and other standard samples, the sample blank directly into the corresponding fixture clamping, close to the rotating milling cutter milling molding, chip suction by the vacuum cleaner. Dumbbell type I and II sample clamps in accordance with GB/T 1040 "Test Methods for Tensile Properties of Plastics" are provided, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

  • China Qiantong® Electric Notch Test Sample Making Machine used for cantilever beam, simply supported beam impact testing machine to do non-metal material impact toughness test notch sample sample preparation equipment, can be a clamping 20 samples, every 10 minutes processing notch more than 100, the notch size accurate, high efficiency, greatly reduce the operating strength.

  • China Qiantong® Pipe Drop Weight Impact Tester Machine used for impact test of plastic sheet, pipe, shaped material, glass, ceramic and other non-metallic materials, in order to evaluate the impact resistance of the material of a test instrument. It adopts imported and components, electromagnetic braking against secondary impact with high reliability and lifting height by the ruler display which is intuitive and accurate.

  • Qiantong® Hydrostatic Burst Apparatus Testing Machine for Pipe from China factory is used to measure thermoplastic pipe, composite pipe (such as PP -- R, PP -- B, PP -- A, PE, PE -- X, PVC, PVC-U, PVC-C and aluminum-plastic composite pipe and other pipes) in a long time constant internal pressure and constant temperature under the pressure failure time or instantaneous blasting maximum pressure value.

  • The Qiantong® Horizontal Vertical Combustion Tester from China suppliers is used to measure the damage degree of the sample and the linear combustion rate and residual flame/residual burning time of the sample. Used for horizontal and vertical flammability test of plastic material parts of electrical equipment and appliances. The shell of the product box is iron plate spraying (stainless steel shell is optional), and equipped with flammable gas leakage alarm device (the only one in China), equipped with a large area of transparent observation window, digital display meter combustion, residual flame, residual burning time, this device is beautiful in appearance, easy to use, reliable performance.

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